Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 30

Eucerin Face lotion for sensitive skin. SPF 30
Now I don't have sensitive skin but I bought this because I needed/wanted a new face lotion that had a higher spf. the one I was using previously was only 15 and I wanted one that had at least an spf of 30. I got mine at Target for about 6/7 dollars on sale. That not a bad price. Its about the same price per bottle as the Aveeno Totally Radiance moisturizer I get in bulk at Costco. One of my favorite daily moisturizers. This is a light weight face lotion that is a milky white color and a slippery texture.  This claims to to fragrance free but it has a light scent of sunscreen but it dissipates after a few minutes.  By itself I hate this product. It doesn't absorb into my skin well and I can feel it sit on my skin all day long. Especially when it by itself and I go to work out outside by the end of the workout I see white streaks of sunscreen on my face and neck.  It was really bothering me so I stopped using it. This never broke me out but I couldn't stand the feel of the product on my skin. 
However I found a way to make this product to work for me. Layering! is the key. For me this a layering type of product. By itself it is too thin to really offer any moisturizing effects and is too thin,even for day to day use. So I apply this as my last step in my morning skin care routine, for my sun protection regimen. When I layer this product it seems to absorb better and doesn't make my skin feel nasty.
Overall I like this product layered. I don't like it by itself which makes it a huge disappointment.


conniewxx said...

I returned this before opening it 'cos so many people on Makeupalley said this gives a white cast, I guess I will stick to using an actual moisturizer and an SPF sunblock -_-

Ashley said...

Aww, but yes this does have a pretty bad white cast, but its only noticeable in photos. in person its fine.