Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Neo Cosmo Sunflower Edge Gray

My first pair of circle lens! yay I finally made a trip to my eye doc and he said that I was okayed to wear cosmetic lens. I have always wanted to try  circle lens. I have always been intrigued about colored contacts, ever since I started wearing regular soft lens contacts back in 07. My favorite color change on most people is grey. I love the look of grey on people and I think it is the most flattering color on all types of people. I purchased mine off of Shoppingholics and I am very pleased. If you are interested in checking out the lens I purchases, here is a direct link.
 These lens are called the Neo Cosmo Sunflower Edge in Grey.  I got mine in -6.00 power for both eyes. The site offers power ranges from 0.00 to -10.00 in increments of -0.50. I would prefer if it came in increments of -0.25 but -6.00 works fine for me. These are priced at $22.90 on Shoppinghaulics and are 14.2 in diameter with base curve of 8.6. They are extremely comfortable and I think were a great choice for a first time purchase. They came shipped to me in a bubbled manila envelope. The shipping was reasonable and came in a timely manner. Inside was the lenses inside sealed glass jars, inside of a cute cream box that was wrapped in bubble wrap. The package also came with lots of free gifts which was very thoughtful and nice of them. The free gifts were blue hippo contact case, a packet of hair velcros  and a sample of an eye patch mask.
When I first took the lens out of the sealed jars the first thing I noticed about the lens was that they were very thin and delicate. Compared to my regular soft lens contacts the thickness was very noticeable. These lenses are very comfortable to wear, and I experience no discomfort. But It did take a while to get use to the sometimes fuzzy edges when the colored  part of the contact overlaps with my pupil. But I just have to blink and it will re-aline itself.
Here is a picture with only one contact in, scarey I know but It shows the intensity of the contact. Almost none of my natural color shows through. Its a complete color change. The only thing, is that on me, 14.2 diameter lens offers no enlargement. So to me, I don't consider these circle lens, just colored contacts. The color of the lens, on me comes off an icy blue tone grey which is very pretty but I was looking for more of a true neutral grey color.

I think that Circle Lens are a great option for people, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting different eye colors. I think that these lens are exceptional. Coming from a person who was been wearing contacts for a good portion of her life, I find these to be very good. They are comfortable to wear even for long periods of time, I have worn them for a good  8-10 hours  on with no discomfort. These are great attention getters, every one I talked to would always mention about my eyes, and some even said that they look "natural".  Natural in the sense that I could have been born with these colored eyes. Which would have been awesome!
I hope you found this review helpful and remember, please get checked and be okayed by your eye doctor, before you make any purchases. You don't want to have already bought some lens, only to find out that you cant wear them. Please keep good lens care hygiene and always change out the solution every week even you don't wear them often.
To all my circle lens addicts until next time :)


che said...

Those look great on you, I really want to try getting grey lenses next for sure.

conniewxx said...

They look great on you! I've been wanting to try circle lenses after seeing a ton on Ekimura's blog, but I haven't had eye exams for contact lenses in a while.
Your eyes are huge to begin with so you'd need like 15.0mm or something

Ashley said...

aww thanks :), yea i might go up to 15mm to see real enlargement but we will see. hopefull ill find one i like in that size XD

glamourbunnie said...

Thnx so much for posting this! I was a little iffy about trying circle lenses, too, bc I prefer natural looking ones. These contacts look great on you tho- I'm sold! :)

Ashley said...

GlamourBunnie: Thank you Im glad i was helpful :)