Saturday, October 27, 2012

Urban Decay single eyeshadows

Hello! today I have a review on the Urban Decay single eye shadows. I'm so excited to have these eye
shadows to share. I grabbed these beauty's when Urban Decay had a clearance sale and these puppy's were only 9$ a piece. I finally was able to test out UD legendary matte eyes shadows and these are awesome  I'm really happy that I picked these up! 

I picked up Perversion and Secret Service. These are excellent matte colors Perversion is a very pigmented black that is super creamy and smooth. Secret Service is a warm medium brown and is my favorite color out of all the ones i bought. This has become my go to crease color, it is perfect to lightly define my crease and acts like a natural shadow crease in my eye. 

From left to right is Freelove, a warm peachy pink. It has golden shimmers and has a smooth and creamy texture. When I swatch the shadow it is super smooth. I picked it up because I was looking for a pink eye shadow that would be a great color to add a warm flush to a look and it works great as a blush in a pinch! Next is Blaze a golden shimmery bronze color. I love this color. For me it is a great color to smooth all over my eye lip and is a great one shadow look. I like to mix it with Secret Service for my every day look. 
When I saw ABC Gum was on sale I had to get it. I heard many good things about this shade, that it is a great matte highlight shade. ABC Gum is a off white cream Matte eye shadow. I like it alright, I didn't fall in love with it like I did with Secret Service and Blaze but its nice to have in a collection
 Overall I am very happy with these eye shadows. The colors I got are perfect for me, I use them everyday and are my most reach for eye shadows to date. Across the board the quality of the shadow is excellent  creamy, smooth, and pigmented. Classic quality's in almost all Urban Decay eye shadows. Very happy with these!

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