Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: Sephora Outrageous Metallic Taupe: Picture&Swatches

Hello everyone! I was at Sephora over the past weekend and I was in the clearance section looking around and I found this jewel! I remember Beauty Broadcast raving about this shade of taupe from Sephora and I had to get it to try it. I;m so glad I did, every thing Emily said was true. This rich and creamy shadow applies super smooth on to the lids and truly can act like a one eye look. This is a pigmented pressed shadow with a textured  layer.  I just have to load up my brush once and it will give my lids the most beautiful wash of color on. This applies to the lid like a silver dark gray and will fade a almost purple color in the crease when blended. This is super beautiful and a great pick. This was only $7 on clearance and if  you come across this shade at Sephora I highly recommend you pick it up!
Here are some close up picture of the shadow, you can really see the texture and the color.

This is an eye look I did using only the Taupe shade. 
I really hope everyone can find this color and pick it up!
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Love Ash

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charlene nikky said...

So gorgeous! the colour looks great on you :)