Saturday, August 10, 2013

Trick to Silky Straight Hair

When I was really young I had super straight, long hair. I never had to worry about frizz or flyways but as I got older and began to style my hair more, I noticed that my hair started to lose its bone straight appearance and started to changing to have slight wave in the strands. I've actually come to love my new hair, it give me more body and shape to my hair with out having to style it. But there are days when I want bone straight hair and it took me a while to figure out a combo of products that could give me straight hair with out weighing it down. 
My trick is to start with damp hair and use a in leave in conditioner spray and my current favorite is the Aussie Hair Insurance leave in conditioner. I like doing this trick when I do morning showers and when my hair is still damp I spray this all over my hair and try to coat as much hair with as few spritz as possible. I like this one because it smells like coconuts. It also acts like a detangler, which is a god send for me, as my hair gets longer it gets extremely knotted and tangled even after I condition it in the shower.
After the spray is worked into the hair I finish off with Biosilk. I use only a quarter size amount of product and massage it into the strands only middle to tip. I avoid the roots to avoid an oil scalp. I picked this up for $17 at Ulta and I'm glad I did. This helps to smooth out my hair while protecting  and adds a great shine. 
I apply this with my hands and smooth it onto my hair. What I really like about this is that I can use this wet or dry. This is the final step to my trick. Biosilk adds the needed shine and slick to my hair that makes it stays strait and smooth. Another plus is that this smells amazing and it last a while in my hair. 

This combo of products has helped me in keeping my hair nourished and  looking healthy.  I like to use the leave in conditioner everyday just to keep my hair detangled and conditioned and this combo help me to get my straight hair. I highly recommend both of these products! I hope this trick helps you achieve straight, smooth silky hair!
Granted I know I already have mostly straight hair this trick can still work with anyone. This could be a finishing step to freshly straitened hair to add shine and silkiness. Never the less I hope this helps!


Lolli K said...

I love Aussie products, they always leave my hair smelling sooo nice! Nice post :)

Lorraine xx

Ashley said...

@Lolli K Thank You!

Lisa said...

I really like Biosilk! I was recommended to use it after I got my haircut a couple of years back.

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