Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Stila eyeshadow Trio palette-Warm

Hello, today I have a review on the Stila eye shadow trio palette in Warm. This came in a Stila set I got at Costco. I originally wanted the  the palette because it had Stila's very popular Kitten eyeshadow included with two other eye shadows and that was enough to draw me in. But to my surprise I really like the other two colors and I am very happy with the  palette. 
In this palette there are three colors
  • Yellow gold called Lame
  • Bronze brown called Chloe
  • Pink champagne called Kitten.

 These eye shadows are all very pigmented and soft. They feel almost like  mousse in texture. However because the shadows are soft there is some fall out in application and makes the pan and palette very dirty easily. The packaging of the palette consists of sleek black plastic that is very reflective. The front has a clear slit allowing the colors of the eye shadows to peek through. The plastic feels sturdy and light but with constant use the clasp of the case broke, so my palette doesn't properly snap shut.
Overall, as this being my first Stila eye shadow palette I am really impressed. The texture and formulation of the eyeshadow is very unique. It is very different from any other eyeshadow that I own. They are soft yet pigmented and a little bit goes a long way.


conniewxx said...

I remember when a lot of people talked about this year! Always wanted to try it but I really only wanted Kitten so I talked myself out of it since some ppl were saying the texture is not the same as their actual eyeshadows... Now I wish I had gotten it

Ashley said...

yea this set, the eye shadows are much softer than the other eye shadows they have come out with but Stila is known for their softer eye shadows