Saturday, September 10, 2011

ACW Haul!

I came across this cite randomly through YouTube and at first, I was super skeptical but I researched them a little and read some review and everyone said really good things. The best part about this cite is that they sell high end/department store makeup for discounted prices. Some are up to 50-60 % off. Insane. They also sell rare and discontinued items which are prices a higher than original price. What I really love about them is that the shipping is wicked fast and they don't charge tax ether. Shipping is extremely reasonable and everything is thoroughly bubble wrapped. 
So I ordered some stuff to test them out.  My first order was a tester so my  order was super small and not worth a big deal so I got a
Clinique Blush in Fresh Bloom Bamboo Pink $12
revlon lipsticks:$4 each Carnation and Petal
and Kiehl's Creamy eye treatment with Avocado.$ 18

Because my first experience with them was very good  I went back and purchased some more things.
Which includes the discontinued Even Better Clinique skin tone correcter for $20; 50 % off, 
a Stila smudge pot/ gel eyeliner in Cobalt Clutch $9

 I actually also ordered an Estee Lauder Limited Edition Highlighter but it got sold out before they could finalized my order so that was a bummer, but they went and contacted me right away to inform me of the situation. 

I really like this site, I think it is a great place to find and purchase high end products at low end prices.

Happy Shopping!



conniewxx said...

I've been wanting order from that website since forever, but I never saw something that REALLY caught my eye, I should totally try the Kiehl's Avocado eye cream though, hmm

Ashley said...

try it:) i like it, its really moisturizing. the only thing it that it does't do much else. its a very good moisturizing eye cream :)

Fables in Fashion said...

Love the clinique blush you ordered, the design is a work of art!

Ashley said...

yes! i agree. it really drew me in and all the colors are beautiful together