Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Favorites!

hey ya'll 
July is over and that mean July favorites! YAY! This month has been a great one; school let out, I did some serious damage to my bank account and along the way found some time to relax.
so first off I have 
  1. A Wet and Wild  Highlight and contour blush,"silk Finish" line in the color c171. This is a beautiful color that is great mixed together for a peachy pink color or use the stripes separately for a specific color. And the best part is that it was at the 99 cents store!
  2. NYX round lip stick in "Tea Rose" a really pretty mauve pink.
  3. Palladio herbal eyeshadow primer, soon becoming one of my favorite eye primers
  4. Duo Dark eyelash adhesive, for some reason iv been wearing falsies a lot this month and I'm always grabing this one.
  5. L'Oreal Voluminous waterproof mascara
  6. Tarte Maracuja ceaseless concealer, favorite under eye concealer. 
hope you guys had a great July and did any of you guys have any monthly favorites ? and see ya next month

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