Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair Tools: Conair Instant Heat 1 Inch Curling Iron

Hair Tools! Today's Review is on my one of my favorite hair tools;  the curling iron. The one I have is by Conair, and it is the 1 inch Instant Heat iron. I got this at Target for under 10 dollars. I think I payed $9.99. I picked this iron out because it has a 
  1. Swival cord
  2. long extension cord
  3. Ajustable heat settings
  4. "turbo" instant heat setting
  5. Simple on and off button
I really like this Iron, this iron heats up incredibly fast I can plug it in and press the on button and in literally 30 seconds the iron is hot and ready to go. And if I push the turbo button it heats even faster. I love this function! It makes the iron heat up so fast its ridiculous and makes this iron perfect for people who don't like waiting or don't have the time to wait for an iron to heat up. This iron has a swivel base and a nice long cord. My biggest peeve is when the cord is ridiculously short. The clamp has a good grip on the hair, so my hair doesn't slip through.
 At the base of the iron is a dial that controls the temperature. It has a range from 1 to 25.  I like to keep it at 18-19 for my fine hair. 1-10 is for easy to curl hair, 10-20 for medium difficulty to curl, and 20-25 wound be for hair that is super stubborn.  This iron is great. With this iron I get beautiful curls that last a long time. With this I can create lush curls or bomb shell waves ^_^ lol
Great drug store iron, for $10 this is great. Creates long lasting bouncy curls. LOVE!


L e n a said...

wow nicely done!
i love your hair style. your bang looks so awesome. ;)

Ashley said...

Thank you! :)