Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Milani Baked Eye Shadows

 Hi every one I am back from my break and I have loads of stuff to share! Today I have a review on the Milani Baked eye shadows. I got these puppys off of Cherry Culture when they were having a 20% off sale on their site. These were in the clearance section.  I have 4 shadows, three marbleized and one metallic.  These eye shadows can be used wet, for a more intense look or dry, for a softer look.
 Mix it Up 609: this is a black shadow with teal and silver simmer, with a silver white marble running through it.
 This one is my favorite of the bunch, Intermix 612, a warm reddish brown with champagne color marble. And gold shimmer.
 Medley 610: is a greyish black with lots of silver shimmer
 Teal the Truth 605: is my only metallic shade, this is a very vibrant teal/turquoise color that is beautiful.

I swatched them on my forearm both dry and wet.
 Dry/Wet: Teal the Truth and Mix it Up
 Dry/Wet: Intermix and Medley

Over all I like these shadows, the Darker shades I like to use wet most of the time because it has the best payoff that way but they are also great for darkening the crease area when dry because it is sheer and leaves less room for error. Intermix is the only one I prefer dry, the color  mixed together and as a wash of color all over my lids, makes for a very quick and easy brown eye look with a darker brown at the lash line. 
I do however dislike the packaging of this product. The shape and size relative to the product is large and unnecessary. The shape of the case makes it hard to conveniently store it and all of the excessive packaging is very annoying. 
These also come with applicators that are double ended, ones a sponge tip and the other a brush. I like that its double ended but the curve of the applicator is awkward which makes it difficult to use.


Connie Wang said...

These are super pretty, if only I looked good with eyeshadow lol

Che said...

The colour payoff is definitely nicer when wet. Great shades you got, I bet their very versatile. The applicator brush is pretty odd at a bent angle like that.

Ashley said...

Che: yes these are much better wet. the applicator is very odd lol i cant say i like it at all lol

L e n a said...

welcome back! :)

i still miss the old milani round eye shadows but these look super nice.
i love the teal color. it would look beautiful on you.

Ashley said...

Thank you, :) same here! they need to come back!