Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: EOS Lip Balm In Strawberry!

Nom Nom Nom, I love this lip balm. This has to be one of the tastiest smelling lip balm I have ever come across.  I have this in the flavor strawberry and I love this scent. I kind of smells like strawberry and cream. I found this at my local Target for about 2.99 dollars and I this is pretty good. This is a very smooth balm that is very hard. The balm is shaped like a dome and the hand can easily grip balm and smooth it on to the lips.
This as a balm is alright, its really nothing super special, it leaves my lips  moisturized and supple. This is best for normal dry lips. It wont be good for super dry lips.
Overall this as a balm is nothing special, but as a yummy smelling one its really good. I really like the scent. Its one of my favorite scented lip balms.


L e n a said...

i am glad you confirmed this smells delicious! i ordered this without trying to put in my giveaway package. lol
i am using the summer fruit scented one for myself. ;)

Ashley said...

Im glad, it was a great choice!

conniewxx said...

These don't really moisturize my lips, but I collected a few for the scent, lol

conniewxx said...

Btw, I tagged you for a cute blog award here :) I hope you get to do it unless school gets super busy

Ashley said...

Thanks Ill definitely check it out! :)