Monday, September 26, 2011

Review: TRESemme Thermal Creation: Heat Tamer Spray.

Review time!

I have been heat styling my hair for a long time. I'd say going on since junior year of high school. That was  when I grew out my pixie cut and started styling. 
Now I can say that I blow dry my hair every morning  every day of the week except Sundays.  And because I have that habit I have to take protective measures for my hair care. This hair protectant comes in a 8 fl ounce bottle with a trigger spray nozzle. It is about 7 dollars at Target and one bottle last me about 4-5 months. That is with every day use and it will last even longer with inconsistent use. It also has a lock on the handle that you push to lock the trigger. Convenient for travel. This is a very fine mist and has a very pleasant scent. When I spray it onto my damp hair it leaves a light scent in my hair. It doesn't last very long so if it isn't to your liking it shouldn't be too much of a con.  I like it, but I heard ways to test the effectiveness of heat protectant is to spray in on the back of your hand and blow dry it to so see how long before your hand heats up. When I tested it my hand actually heated up pretty fast, so its kinda skeptical now to me but I still continue to use it.

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