Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review: Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller.

Wow guys it has been a while. sorry for the lack of updates but I'm still trying to adjust from the workload from school and work, but I think I got it figured out so I should be back to normal soon.

So today I have  a review on the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. I found out about this product though one of my favorite makeup bloggers and I wanted to have a try at it.  I have had this product for a long time and it has taken me some time to realize what is the best way to use this product. When I first got this I apply it straight to my under eye area but it would always crease and actually enhanced the darkness under my eyes with a grey shadow . So I stopped using it for a long time and then out of the blue after I improved my skin care routine I figured out that,for me it works best when my under eye area is very moisturized. 

This product  is marketed for people who want to diminish the look of dark circles and help fade them over time. It comes packaged in a tube bottle with a roll on applicator. What I really like is that it is a metal ball so that in the morning it is nice and cold. Which makes is refreshing to apply in the morning. I like to  store this upside down so that the serum come out more evenly instead of having to hold it upside down and waiting for the product to come out. This is a lightly tinted serum that helps in concealing the darkness. The color is very light and of neutral tone. If offers every light coverage, and on a good day I can go out with just that as my under eye concealer. But most of the time I still have to apply a concealer for more coverage.

Over all I like and enjoy this product. I feel that is has help with my dark circles. A first I though it was garbage because I couldn't get it to work for me but after lots of trial and error I got it to work for me and now I really like it.  I think it is a product worth trying and maybe it'll help you. 


conniewxx said...

I have this! I feel like it's a little cakey on my undereye, or maybe I need to get a better eye cream

Ashley said...

Yea that's how it was for me too. Try it again after u moisturized your under eye area. I really helped me