Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Beauty Diary Mask

Hello Hello, Today's not gonna be a review but a overlook. I came across these masks at a 99 Ranch in Rowland Hts on sale for cheap! 8.00 on sale. I recently came back from a quick trip from So-Cal, to look at schools and we stopped by for grocery and bam, I see these on sale and had a little freak out.  I have heard many good things about these mask and have been wanted to try them for awhile now and I get too. YAY ^_^
Q10 is a mask that is formulated for use on normal skin, recommended for aging/mature skin lacking elasticity. The back says it rejuvenates skin to achieve a  soft, whitened and firm look. I picked this up for mom because she wanting something to help with aging skin and I thought this would be perfect. 

Black Pearl: is for  use on normal skin, especially recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity. It will  soften and whiten the skin; restores skin's resilience and radiance

Pearl Powder: is great for dull and damaged skin, helps with uneaven pigmentation and it softening, brightening, activates and nourishes skin

Apple: A mask that will help with larged pores and will help to minimize the size and smooth out the skin. Moisturizing, smoothing, firming for use on normal skin

This one is the Best 7 pack it has one of the most popular masks to try out.
I'm so excited to try this, The pearl mask is the one I have high hopes for. 

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