Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Loreal True Match Roll On Foundation

Hello! I have returned with a new review on a foundation. This is on Loreal True Match Roll On Foundation. This retails for about $10-12 at Walmart, however I picked this one up in clearance, for $7. The shade I have is in Sand Beige W5-6. Sand Beige had tones of yellow which makes it great for my skin tone, however this is 1-2 shades too dark for me. This has spf 25 and is scent free.
The product itself I really like. This is a cream foundation That dries to a dewy finish. I do however like to powder my t-zone and keep my cheeks dewy for that "healthy look". It had medium coverage that is build able and is very easy to blend. This is pretty long lasting and fairly light feeling on the skin. I only apply one thin layer to even out my skin tone, so for me it feel nice and light.  
The idea behind this product is to take the roller applicator and roll it across the face to give an even application. I like the applicator. It does a great job to evenly apply the product and leaves a great finish. Another way I like to apply this is with my elf flat top brush and buff the product into the skin.
As you can see from the swatch this is wicked dark. I wore it out to school and thank god it was an over cast day and I didn't really see anyone because my chest and face didn't match. I got into my car and saw myself in the mirror and went O_O. It wasn't a crazy and obnoxiously noticeable, but to me I saw a difference and I was going to have none of that. If only it was a shade lighter :( oh well, its too dark for all over my face but it would make a great cream product to contour with.
Although this is way too dark for me to use, the product itself is very nice. Good coverage, bendable and light feeling.


Sabrina said...

the roller thingy seems weird but fun! hehe!

L e n a said...

thanks for your review.
i saw this the other day on sale as well and got really curious. lol

Ashley said...

Sabrina: yea at first i thought the same but after using it, its pretty good for what it is :)
Lena: no prob, yea iv been wanting to try this for a while and when i saw it on sale i was happy!

Connie Wang said...

Whoaa this looks way too dark for you. I saw this on clearance at Target too but my skin gets flaky sometimes and I feel like cream foundation would exacerbate that. Hmm...

Ashley said...

lol yea idk what i was thinking lol. i guess i thought the yellow tones would help but yea WAY too dark :( yea but just about anything will make flaky spots more noticeable :( which sucks!

Vale ♥ said...

It looks like a good product, shame for the color, too dark ! =(
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