Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Goodies!

This weekend was all about investment pieces and fashion basics.

This Sunday I spent some quality time with my mommy shopping at the Marina center in San Lorenzo. My mom and I love to go the Talbot for good quality investment pieces. Now, Talbot is normally catered to the older generation of women but I can always find nice shirts and blazer that I can mix with more contemporary piece, closer to my age to make them work.  The great thing about Talbots is their sales. Every time we go there are discounts from 30 % to 80%  off. Great deals on  professional style clothes. At Talbots I found a navy blue blazer that has a semi ruffle collar regular priced at $80 outlet price on sale for 60% off so my total was about $25 tax included. one of my best finds yet. it is a perfect fit and I can see myself wearing this with a multitude of outfits.

Then while my mom and bro went to Marshalls, I went to the Old Navy outlet store and tried on some of there premium skinnies and I fell in love. These are one of the best jeans I've tried in a long time.  I have been looking into getting some really good quality jeans for a while now and because I have slimmed down a bit I wanted to invest in a good pair of jeans. The jeans price original was $58 and I payed $47 20% off. Even though I work, the 47 price tag was a lot for me, but that just motivates me to keep slimming down so that the jeans will forever be worn until I need a smaller pair.

My last clothing purchase for the day was some essentials for my closet. For the last bit of our shopping day we went to Costco for some last minute food shopping and I picked up some tanks and camis. I personally love Costco's Kirkland brand camis, they are great. Nice and soft and really good quality camis. My other ones from way back in the day have seen better days so I replaced them with new ones. And because you can also never go wrong with some black tanks I got some Calvin Klein tanks.

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