Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elf Kabuki Face brush Review

Hello, I have been on the hunt for a kabuki brush for some time now and when I saw that ELF had one in their studio line I decided to try it out. I got this brush in the hopes that it will be a nice kabuki I could use to buff in my powder foundation  or any product. But the  brush is so floppy that any pressure would make the bristles flay out and disperse against the skin. The brush is very thin and bendable, so the brush couldn't pick up any product. For a kabuki brush it didn't perform adequately. this brush is just a big powder brush with no handle, I can not recommend this brush. For what it is, it does not perform at all. The brush its self is nice and soft though but it doesn't really have anything going for it. Not worth the money.

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